Transformation Tuesday: Carrie

Welcome to back for another Transformation Tuesday series! Today we’re hearing from Carrie, a breast cancer survivor who didn’t let sickness stop her from achieving her goals!


Q: When did you realize that you had a weight problem?
A: After undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, my body had changed dramatically. I was about 20 lbs heavier, so I decided I was ready for a change.

Q: What made you decide to do something about it?
A: I was a runner before my cancer diagnosis. My Oncologist told me that exercise was a great way to help keep it from returning.

Q: When did you start?
A: I started as soon as the my Plastic Surgeon released me to run again.

Q: How much weight have you lost?
A: I lost about 25 lbs.

Q: What is/was your goal?
A: 25 was my goal.

Q: What weight loss program or eating modifications do you follow?
A: I didn’t follow a specific diet. I totally changed the foods my family ate and how we ate them. More fruits and veggies, eating them raw or lightly seasoned. More exercise, we are all runners, so that
wasn’t a problem. I also cut out as much processed foods as possible. Limited my sugar, we all gave up soda. (This was hard for my husband, Diet Dr. Pepper was his best friend) I also started meal planning and that helped a lot!

Q: Do you exercise?
A: I run and use the elliptical trainer. I also do yoga.

Q: How often and how much?
A: I exercise everyday.

Q: Where and when do you exercise?
A: My husband and I put in a gym in our basement. We have a treadmill, elliptical, rower, weight bench with a climbing wall.

Q: What exercises work for you?
A: I like the combination of running and elliptical trainer.

Q: What are your trigger foods?
A: Potato chips, I love them! 🙂

Q. How do you cope with temptation?
A: I don’t keep them in the house. 🙂

Q: Have you ever gotten discouraged? What do you do about it?
A: Yes, I do get discouraged at times. My husband is my biggest cheerleader, he keeps me going.

Q: How did you feel about looking at photos of yourself? Has that changed?
A: I have never really
liked photos of myself, but I am a bit better with it now. 🙂

Q: What is the best benefit of losing weight for you?
A: My health. I was a runner before my breast cancer and the doctors told me that was why I healed quickly and why my body did better with chemo. I put on the 20 pounds after chemo, due to the steroids and medications I was given for my treatment. My oncologist is a huge proponent of exercise and she wants me running or some kind of cardio everyday.

Q: Do people ask you for advice? What do you tell them?
A: Change your diet. It is really amazing how good you feel when only healthy things are going into your body. Walk, you don’t have to run or buy any special equipment, put on a pair of tennis shoes and go for a walk. Just moving makes a big difference.

Q: What have you been able to do that you couldn’t have done before?
A: Go longer distances,
about 8 miles or so.

Thank you, Carrie, and congratulations on your success! We’re glad you were willing to be be a part of our Transformation Tuesdays, and hope your story inspires others! Just like us, now you’re another person who’s been there. 🙂

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