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Pure Protein Shakes

Pure Protein Shakes are amazing for jolts of energy and protein before or after you go out for a run or to the gym. My favorite flavors are frosty chocolate with 21 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and ... read more

Ready To Make A Change

Changing your eating habits is daunting, so if you’re just starting out your weight loss journey, my advice is to start off by spending at least two weeks just writing down what you’re currently eating, ... read more
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Face Your Demons

For so many people who have been unable to make a change, I think the biggest problem is in facing the truth. We don’t want to step on the scale and face that number. How many times has one of us been to ... read more
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Exercise Is Not A Dirty Word

For most of my life, “exercise” was a dirty word. It’s not that I disliked sports – In camp, I loved to play volleyball, kickball and dodgeball. As a matter of fact, I was the day camp tetherball queen. I ... read more

The Scale Is Not The Enemy

The first time I was aware of the evils of the scale was in third grade. As part of the nation’s new commitment to physical fitness, every student was weighed and measured during gym class. The gym teacher ... read more
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