Happy 2015!

It’s that time again. The holidays are over, and a bright, shiny January is here. On New Year’s Day, we feel ready to let go of our bad habits. To take stock, dust ourselves off and begin that new start. The key is in making that start last.

There are so many people who will get on the scale again today and feel a sense of dejection. The reality of seeing that number below you can be terribly depressing. We know that feeling, but if you’re one of those people who has done that today and is ready for a new beginning, we encourage you to look at this as the most exciting part of your path. Take that New Year’s energy and ride on it, until well after the January-to-March people have given up at the gym.

We’re having a fresh start on our blog, too. Starting this month, we’re going to be bringing you features and interviews about all kinds of different fitness and nutrition options: Zumba, FitBit, CrossFit. Doctor-approved meal plans. Weight Watchers. Managing Diabetes.

So whatever your starting point today, whether you’re just dipping a toe into this weight-loss pool or have had a setback and are ready to get back in the saddle again, know that we’re here with you. We’ve got lots of advice to share, and there’s more to come. Read about our journey. Think about changing the way you see fitness. Try on the idea of treating your body like you treat your wallet.

Stick with us. We know where you’re at. We’ve been there.

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