Face Your Demons

For so many people who have been unable to make a change, I think the biggest problem is in facing the truth. We don’t want to step on the scale and face that number. How many times has one of us been to the doctor and looked away when the nurse was weighing us? The whole process of starting the journey to better health is daunting because we don’t want to accept where we are.

But dealing with that reality is where the journey has to begin. You’ve got to face your demons, and trust me, that demon is not the scale. The scale simply is the tool that tells you where you are. It doesn’t have emotions, it doesn’t hate you; it’s a simple device that measures the pull of gravity on your body. The true demon is the part of you that runs away from making a change, because that part is what’s stalling your success.

I’ve had two moments of facing that demon: once in 2004 when I first started my weight loss journey, and again in 2013 when I realized how far off track I’d gone. My clothes weren’t fitting. I was constantly uncomfortable. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I knew getting on the scale meant having to make a change, and yet I put it off for weeks, just not wanting to deal with it. But not dealing with it won’t change anything. It’s like Joey said in Friends:

Once you get on the scale, accept the number that’s there and start making a change, you’ve done the hardest part. It’s more difficult than anything else you think is ahead of you. It’s worse than looking at all your food choices and trying to figure out what the hell you’re going to eat. It’s harder than spending an hour in a kickboxing class next to a teenager without an ounce of fat on her. It’s more difficult than passing on that slice of ridiculously rich chocolate birthday cake for your coworker’s birthday.

There’s no doubt about it. It sucks. But, it’s also the best part, because it’s the first day when you are going to make a change. It’s the beginning of your journey.

So do it. Face your demons, and don’t ever look back.


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