Because We’ve Been There

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We are a mother and daughter team, the second and third in three generations of women who have become obese, figured out the cause of the problem, and turned our lives around. It wasn’t quick—it took a lot ... read more
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Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile Comparison Guide

Как выбрать плитку для каждой комнаты в вашем доме — бюджет На самом деле у европейцев давно роман с плиткой. Зайдите практически в любое кафе Парижа, Севильи или Лиссабона, и вы увидите великолепные ... read more

On Losing 100 Pounds

Today at my gym, a petite brunette sat down on an exercise bench as her trainer handed her two 50-pound weights. They both had some trouble positioning the weights so that the lady could try to lift them. ... read more
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Guest Post: C25k Week 4

Dayle is back to share more of her challenges and triumphs with week 4 of couch to 5k! This week’s workout was TOUGH! Week 4 was the first time I have actually had to walk some during the running portion ... read more
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Guest Post: C25K Week 3

It’s week three, and Dayle is back to share more of her experience with us as she continues on with the Couch to 5K program!   One thing about the app that I’m not completely happy with is the ... read more
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Guest Post: C25K Week 2

We’re welcoming back Dayle, to share with us her struggles and successes with C25k. The three sessions for Week 2 consisted of: A brisk 5-minute warm up walk. Alternate 1 ½ minutes of jogging and 2 ... read more
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Guest Post: C25K Week 1

We’re excited to welcome Dayle to our blog, and to share her experience doing “Couch to 5k” with all of you!   As a 41 year old who has never really done much exercising to speak of, ... read more
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